Sunday, February 17, 2013

Last day



We are leaving Koh Samui tomorrow and I'm slightly devastated. Only slightly because I know we will be going to another island before we head home. But basically tomorrow signifies the start of OUR LAST MONTH TRAVELING. I can't believe how fast these 5 (plus a little) months have gone. I can't believe I have to go home, back to reality. Can't I just travel forever?

Not that I'm dreading going home, really. I have been trying to focus on the things that I am excited to do when I get back. Like going my nephew Korben's second birthday party. I can't begin to describe how guilty I feel for missing an entire QUARTER of his life because I was traveling. I have a lot of cuddling to make up for. And my friiiieeeennds. My amazing friends who are so crazy and fun and who I love and they love me. What have I done without you guys for almost six months???? I dunno guys, but get ready because i am going to hug the shit out of you all. Speaking of hugging I can't wait to see my cats! To be honest, if it weren't for my cats and applying to medical school, I would not be coming home yet. But I have to hug my cats. And I have to apply to medical school. Actually, scratch that. I am really excited to apply to medical school. Well ok, I'm not excited about the application and writing my personal statement and flying to interviews etc. But this trip has really reaffirmed my interest in medicine. And more specifically, my interest in bringing quality healthcare to under served communities.

I am also really excited to go home and watch Netflix.

So anyway, one more month of travel and I am going to live it up. And did I mention our friends Scott and Sara are spending our last month in Thailand with us?! And they might be two of the funnest people I know. And that is saying something because all my friends are kinda amazing. But I'm not kidding, these people know how to have a good time. In fact, I'm SCARED of how much fun we are going to have. No really, I'm a little bit worried.

Oh yeah, and on our last day on this amazing island Anthony and I celebrated by getting THE WORST sunburns ever. And what makes this even worse is we were wearing tons of sunscreen but it's total bullshit fake sunscreen that doesn't even work and we paid like $15 for it and now I'll have to use it as stinky moisturizer or just give up and throw it away. It's not expired, it says SPF 30, I don't get it. I bet it's just mayonnaise. That must be it. I spent the afternoon with mayonnaise on my face and now I have a sunburn.



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