Thursday, October 24, 2013

Flashback Friday: Thailand

I can't believe I haven't posted anything from our last month in Thailand. I don't know why I would blog about it now when I should be working on my application. Well, I'm drinking wine, feeling nostalgic and seriously longing for sun and beach and the days of zero responsibility. Also, I really need to get this stuff down before I forget it all.

So where did I leave off?

Anthony and I left Koh Samui and headed back to Bangkok to meet up with Scott and Sara. The four of us stayed on Khaosan Road for... maybe four nights? I can't quite remember. We stayed in the crappiest cheapest hotel we could find I think. And you know, it wasn't so bad. Except for the cockroaches. The first few days in Bangkok were pretty uneventful. We ate foods and drank Big Chang beers and shopped. Walked around a lot. Looked at tourists because everyone there was a tourist.

I think this picture kinda sums up out time there:

And this:

After a few days in Bangkok we took a bus + ferry to Koh Chang. Mr. Porn taxied us to the bus station and he was a really interesting guy. Mr. Porn talked about lady-boys and Scott and Anthony killing him. Then he said he would come back as a mosquito and haunt Scott. It was very hilarious and a little confusing?

While traveling we looked like this:

After the ferry we took a song-taew to our hotel, V.J. Ocean View (aka VJ Crackhouse), which by the way did not have a view of the ocean and was pretty far inland. And gross and scary. We only stayed one night. This was also the last night we stayed in two separate rooms. From this point on we only booked "family rooms" which is intended for, you know, families. Like two adults and two kids. 

Our "ocean view":

Early the next morning we left for Bailan Bay Resort (hotel 2 of 3 on Koh Chang)

Love that they had this romantic bed display waiting for us. 

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