Friday, January 25, 2013


I'm sick AGAIN. Luckily it's just a bad head cold/insanely sore throat. But still. I've been sick more days than not since coming to Vietnam. I think the combination of cold weather + snot-nosed children is bad for the immune system? Who'd have thought?! And really it's not that surprising because I seem to catch every single cold that everyone has always and forever. But it's really putting a damper on this trip. And the only comfort food around (because comfort food is essential when you're sick) is soup and I'm actually burnt out on soup. I know. I can't believe I said that. Please don't tell anyone.

What is the point of this post anyone? Oh yeah. This is actually the first time I have felt even remotely home-sick since we left! Like I want my cats and my own bed and maybe a pizza. But I think it will pass. Actually, just typing it out and really thinking about going home is making me change my mind. Yeah, never mind guys. I think what I really need is a hot beach and a cocktail maybe? I think I also need to stop writing blog posts when I've taken cold medicine. Here are some pictures.


This is a photo montage of a teacher laying out incense to dry. They make incense here! It's insanely cheap and now I have 200 sticks of incense.




Anthony hanging out with Son which Son cries. Son cries a lot but he's really sweet.
First sunny day in like over a month!! I almost look scared to go outside


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