Monday, January 21, 2013

The Village

There is a long and wonderful story that goes with these pictures but I don't want to tell it right now! I think maybe when I get a little more time and perspective and oh who am I kidding I'm just too lazy to type it all out. Ok ok, I'll tell you a little bit in bullet point style.

  • Phuong is an amazing woman who we met at the center. Her son is showing some signs of developmental issues so she brings him here to have physical therapy.
  • Phuong invited us to her home to have lunch and meet her English students. She runs a small school in her house.
  • We ended up with more than we bargained for. She took us to the market and made us a delicious breakfast which we ate with her family (husband, son, father-in-law, mother-in-law). Then she showed us around her village and took us to the market again to get supplies for lunch
  • We helped her make a huge lunch. They butchered a chicken from their backyard, cooked a fish, made several fruit and vegetable dishes including bamboo!
  • They served us some sort of wine, and kept making Anthony drink a moon-shine type alcohol. I think they were trying to get him drunk. It was really cute.
  • We took a nap in the same room as grandma and grandpa.
  • We met the English students and taught them a song (Abba's Happy New Year, Phuong's choice). We took pictures with them and then they gave us gifts! It was so sweet! They were all cute and shy and funny and I loved it!
  • I also gave them my phone number and have been receiving anonymous calls for the past two weeks.
  • Phuong asked us to stay for dinner. We played with the baby, hung out with grandma and looked at our cool gifts.
  • After another amazing meal we spent time with her next English class. They were all seniors in high school so their English was really good but they were too shy to talk to us.
  • We finally left for home at around 7pm, after spending the entire day with Phuong and her family.
  • They were so kind and generous, I can't believe we were lucky enough to have such an incredible experience!
Eggs and pre-eggs that were still inside the chicken.
Grandma helping me keep the fire going.


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